It doesn’t matter how cautiously you treat your Laptop, accidents happen to the best of us. LCD screens are a fragile component and always the first part to be damaged in the case of a drop or knock. Screens can also become worn out over time or suffer from display glitches and problems. Without your LCD screen, your Laptop is redundant and in the case of a problem you can turn to the qualified technicians and engineers that make up the Creative IT team. We are here to assist with your every LCD screen requirement and provide you with a professional, affordable and friendly service.

Flickers, cracks and fuzz: the signs of LCD screen problems

There are a number of indicators that an LCD screen needs a repair or replacement, whether it be a subtle flicker or a more obvious blank display. If the connection is loose or is another internal problem, Creative IT will carry out an efficient repair. Sometimes, especially when the screen is cracked or blank, you may need a complete replacement. Regardless, we strive to offer the most competent service according to the extent of the damage, Extra information here at laptopstandboss. Some common problems include:

  • Flickering LCD screen
  • Fuzzy or blurry screen
  • Display problems or corruption
  • Cracked or broken laptop screen
  • Vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines appear on the screen
  • Inverter damage
  • Backlight faults
  • Low or dim contrast
  • Defective pixels
  • Black, blue or completely blank screen
  • Discoloured LCD edges or framing
  • Leaking or bleeding colour
  • Liquid damage

Quick, Accessible and Affordable Solutions to all Laptop LCD Screen Problems

Thanks to our large stock of quality screens and connections, we are able to offer quick repair and replacement services. We also aim to carry out the service in the most affordable manner possible, saving money when available through repairing the Laptop screen rather than completing a full replacement. Our comprehensive diagnostic process allows us to accomplish an efficient service suited to each customer’s needs. Last but not least, the team at Creative IT offers a friendly customer approach where we quote accurately, communicate well and overall make the experience as straight forward and pleasant as we possibly can. LCD screen problems can be stressful, but we always do our best to achieve a satisfying method and outcome.

Flexibility is a Priority for Creative IT

With the diversity of our customers, from home users to large corporations, we have come to understand the importance of a personalised, convenient service. For this reason, we offer several options to our customers for their Laptop LCD screen repairs and replacements as well as our large range of other repair, upgrade, support, maintenance and replacement services. The Aix repair centre is the base for our walk-in service for clients in the area. You may pay us a visit during our office hours of 9am to 6pm, Monday to friday. However, customers that are unable to come into the repair centre in person are certainly not at a disadvantage. We are able to arrange for faulty LCD screens to be collected or sent to us via reliable postal courier services.